Vermillion Cliffs Observatory

The Vermillion Cliffs Observatory has been in operation since October 2000. The observatory houses a ScopeCraft SC-2438 24" telescope. The telescope is driven by a DriveScope system with unattended operation and scripting with MPO Connections. The CCD camera is a SPIG ST-8XE with USB download. A Paracorr® coma corrector is used in front of the CCD camera. The telescope is housed in a 7' x 12' roll-off observatory.

Remote access to the observatory is under Remote Administrator over a 100 megabit LAN. Data reduction is with AIP4WIN and MPO Canopus. Final data formatting is performed in an EXCEL spreadsheet and representative light curves can be found in the Archived Data.

The observatory is focused on the measurement of Cataclysmic Variable stars in conjunction with the Center for Backyard Astrophysics.
Vermillion Cliffs Observatory Construction

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Piers looking South Stub Wall Looking south over rails
Adjustable Supports
Roof Framed Windows in-Roof sheeted Waiting for paint
One door open
It still rolls Looking Northwest Telescope looking  Northwest
Telescope looking NE