The SC-2438 telescope is a complete computer controlled research grade telescope. The mount is a horseshoe equatorial design with all roller drive on both axes. The optical design is based on a 24 inch f/3.1 full thickness fine annealed Pyrex parabolic primary mirror. A CCD camera is mounted at prime focus of the primary. A corrector mounted in front of the camera handles correction of the astigmatism and coma of the primary. The telescope is driven by a DriveScope drive system. The truss system uses carbon fiber tube members that have a zero coefficient of thermal expansion for constant focus over a wide temperature range.

Mount specifications:
  • Type: Horseshoe equatorial
  • Drive: All roller with 312:1 reduction on RA and 265:1 on Dec
  • Motion: +/- 5.5 hours in RA and +90 to 40 degrees in Dec
  • Drive motors: microstepped 615 oz-in stepper motors running on 48 Volts
  • Motion on the sky: 0.32 arc seconds in RA and 0.38 arc seconds in Dec
  • Construction: All steel structural tubing
  • Bearings: Sealed ball bearings
  • Corrosion protection: Zinc electroplated and Powder coated
  • Support: Three separate piers for the base frame.
  • Polar alignment: Adjustment plates on each corner of the base frame
Truss members:
  • Truss system: Eight 1.08 OD x 0.688 ID carbon/epoxy filament wound tubes
  • UV protection coating: Flat black enamel
Camera support:
  • Spider: Eight 1-inch by 0.020 thick spring stainless steel vanes
  • Motion: +/- 5 degrees tip/tilt and +/- 1.5 z-axis
  • Focus motion: 0.75 case hardened keyed shaft carried in two linear bearings
  • Focus movement: +/- 1.5 inches at 0.0006 per motor step
  • Focus motor: 30 oz-in 200 step stepper motor
  • Camera mounting: Custom for each camera/corrector combination
Drive accuracy:
  • Pointing (un-corrected): +/- 2 arc minutes
  • Pointing corrected: +/- 0.5 arc minutes
  • Unguided exposure time: 10 minutes
Field of View:
  • Paracorr® corrector: 33 arc minutes (f/3.5)
  • Custom corrector: Over 1 degree (f/3.5)